You’ve Been Packing the Bag Wrong Your Whole Life!

Posted: 07/14/2016 by Bo

The thought of one thing you forgot to pack for a holiday escape can act like a brain worm – and spoil your carefree time.

How many times has your approach to packing been: Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!


In everyday reality of too many things to cover, I personaly find myself at the very last moment hopeless and blank, the only rescue, my bulletproof list of holiday packing.

Since not all of us are fortunate enough to go for 2-week-long vacation, but we have a chance to escape for a weekend, right?

And here it is – my Weekend Getaway Packing Guide video!




Things to remember


Remember to color coordinate the clothes and accessories that you take, it’ll let you create more combinations from day to night. This time I limited my stuff to white-cream-shades of blue (with a hint of mint!). I adore white evening outfits in Summer, especially when my skin is sun-kissed. Note how the golden pleats of my skirt make that „bling” – no jewelry required!

What’s the best part? You need less than 20 things to look great and travel light! I’m showing here a regular cabin suitcase, and it’s not packed up, so it weights less than 10 kg. You can add something more (a book for instance).

And remember that you have one extra outfit ON YOU!

May you never forget anything again 馃槈