Shopping Queen Turned Sustainable Fashionista

Posted: 07/04/2019 by Bo

short dark hair wonam wearing ruffled brown skirt and striped black and white top on a cobblestone street

How to convert from Shopping Queen to Sustainable Fashionista?



The path isn’t easy but I couldn’t pretend anymore that fashion production is environmentally neutral.

My previous project ShopTrotter was about connecting shoppers with independent boutiques around the world, which is good and important. Buying from smaller retailers and designers that produce and source materials locally is a step towards being eco-conscious, but it’s not enough. I made more resolute move and decided to re-use as much as I can.






Having a closet like mine makes it quite easy. I collect clothing for over 20 years already. I remember when I wanted badly one of iconic Chanel boxy jacket but couldn’t afford it. What was the solution? Selling my not used anymore stuff on eBay which paid for the first high designer piece (I resell it after some time as my taste evolved).




Something  Old / Something New⁠ ⁠


Of course I’m still getting excited with new collections and innovative approach to fashion design (everything was already there, right?), so I do buy new pieces occasionally. Guilty as charged.

That’s why you can spot current style in my outfits, and I don’t hide that fact.






But at the same time you can see that I wear over and over clothes and shoes I bought back in 1999! As long as they look good and don’t fall apart, I try to incorporae them into my everyday looks.


This outfit, for instance, is made of Self Portrait skirt from the Spring/Summer collection, platform shoes that remember 2009, T-shirt bought last year, and earrings that are 16 years old! ⁠⠀



Vintage? Nah…



I’m not into second hand, though. For some reason (probably it’s my neatness ha ha) I tend to choose new stuff, with few exceptions as mentioned Chanel jacket. I would rather scrifice tons of time to browse all sorts of outlet malls than use a thrift store, nevertheless some vintage boutiques – carefully curated and led by true hotheads – are very appealing. Shopping there is like visiting gallery, sometimes their collections are trully unique, but the disappointment when there’s not my size (too often!) is brutal.




Read me



In all of my Instagram and blog posts you can see the list of things I wear – with tagged brand and year I bought them. Sometimes I’m very precise (thank retail gods for e-store’s order archives!), sometimes I need to digg down in my memory or browse thousands of family photos to figure out when I put my hands on a certain piece. And usually I’m surprised how old they are!

But still looking bold 😉




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What I’m wearing

striped cotton top @reserved – 2018
ruffled skirt @mrselfportrait – 2019
platform slingbacks @jilsander – 2008
brass earrings @FragmentsJewel– 2003
leather pouch @off____white – 2019

📸 @julliette37 ⁣