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Posted: 09/11/2017 by Bo

Shoreditch Shopping – Shoreditch Design Triangle


If you need a pause from typical fashion boutique shopping and you are in London between 16-24 September (preety soon!) and at the same time you appreciate designer clothes, outstanding objects and creative ideas, we have a suggestion for you. Shoreditch Shopping during Shoreditch Design Festival held in London/Shoreditch from 16 till 24 September is a must-see for all independent shoppers. So if you are around, go and shop there and you will not be disappointed.


Feel convinced? Still not really?


Well, you can read more on their website.



Shoreditch Shopping in short


The Shoreditch Design Triangle is a cultural event that celebrates the creative industry in East London. It was created to collaborate on the promotion of designers’ activities.


Festival blends together product launches, exhibitions, installations, workshops, talks, tours and culinary delights – the event gives visitors the opportunity to spend the day wandering around the East End on foot and still not see everything there is to see.

And the range is huge – design led furniture, accessories, lighting, ceramics, fashion, jewellery, bags, tableware, cookware, books, prints, flowers, textiles, bicycles, stationery and even chocolate. There are also leading architecture projects, mixed media events and video installations.



Go out for Shoreditch Shopping


So if you are a creative creature, looking for a mixture of art and design, you surely should visit Shoreditch. It will be an excellent opportunity to do the shopping  that is far away from high street fashion and in fact fashion is just a tiny bit of the event at all.


But if you are in search for fashion elements of the event, these are our top ones during the Shoreditch Design Triangle. You can either go to the ones that we have recommend as „worth attending“ or check their programme for more to see.




Kestin Hare


Kestin Hare will be launching their collaboration with Walsh Trainers.


Kestin Hare is a British menswear brand produced by a designer who gets what works and is inspired by what men want for everyday life. He established his eponymous brand in late 2014. He has got 15 years of experience in quality UK manufacturing and craftsmanship, retaining a contemporary aesthetic, blended with unique fabric sourcing, for which he has become known.


In July of 2015 Hare opened his London flagship store and showroom in the vibrant Shoreditch. Men will love the shop as it offers really classy-looking staff for those men who prefer elegant extravagancy. We have fallen in love with their fashion design and their shops as well. They have got a nice boutique in Edinburgh too, if this city is on your travel map.


And the Japanese love their style too, so you can also buy their stuff in Tokyo.


In London you can visit them on 42-44 Rivington Street and your male friends, brothers or boyfriends will be absolutely delighted. You can find that boutique in ShopTrotter app of course!



Kestin Hare shop interiour racks with clothes




Ok, but how about Walsh Trainers which all lovers of retro running shoes know very well, we are sure. They are joining the Kestin Hare store in Shoreditch so now men will have everything in one if they are Walsh Trainers‘ fans.



Dandy Star


And if you have never heard of the brand Dandy Star, this is the right time to get to know them.


Dandy Star was established in 2005 and is available through some of the finest independent retailers and department stores in the UK and worldwide

Feted by the kids for its classic super soft lightweight t-shirts they strive to maintain their vision and quality through growing accessories and home ware ranges.

Dandy Star’s trademark is a combination of brilliant and dazzling colours, cool prints, easy to wear t-shirts and soft sweatshirts.


They opened their first shop in March 2016 on 126 Columbia Road in East London set amidst fabulous floral stalls of the famous flower market.


Fantastic service, beautiful interior design where you feel at home, at ease and do not want to leave the place.


During Shoreditch Design Triangle they are launching their new autumn collection for all family.


young woman and man in pastel t-shirts



Now, if you are a fan of knitwear staff, you cannot miss our next suggested shop and their event during the Shoreditch Design Triangle.





ELWIN is a British premium women’s knitwear brand that combines modern design with heritage techniques.


Founded in East London in 2015, ELWIN’s ethos is that clothes should be made to last, both in terms of design and quality. It is a typical British design so you will love it if you like a bit traditional, meaning a bit conservative, British fashion style.


They are opening their studio on 1 Quilter Street so if you are lucky enough to get there on time, you will have a chance to sip a glass of sparkling prosecco on their opening day.


rack with pastel cashmere sweaters found out during Shoreditch shopping




Above all, however, the Shoreditch Design Triangle is an event for interior designers, artists, house accessories‘ manufacturers, home ware lovers, people of art, who take pride in their craftsmanship and creativity. It is a real festival of talented, gifted people who meet in one place at the same time to celebrate their passion of creating. So if you love hand made objects like china cups, fancy pieces of furniture, artworks, paintings, ceramics and much more, this is a must-visit for you while in London between 16 and 24 September. And if you get tired of walking along the streets of Shoreditch, you can always sit down in one of many cafes and bars there, and taste some creative fusion cuisine, or try out some of the best British bakery titbits, or just drink a cup of delicious coffe in the autumn sun of Shoreditch. Shoreditch shopping is a thing that every fashion lover have to do!


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