ShopTrotter Q+A: Sairey Stemp, Senior Fashion Editor Cosmopolitan UK

Posted: 11/20/2017 by Bo

Sairey Stemp on a balcony wearing sunglasses, leopard print sweater and jeans

Meet Sairey Stemp, Senior Fashion Editor of the Cosmopolitan Magazine, UK



The unquestionable style icon, a fashionistas’ guru, always immaculately dressed, elegantly matching high and low fashion. Daring to experiment with the mixing and matching of patterns, not afraid to re-discover an old tucked-away skirt from previous seasons if she loves it. She has her own strong opinion on fashion, which she has been preaching for almost 11 years. Who is so creative, yet so pragmatic in her attitude to fashion? That’s Ms Sairey Stemp, Senior Fashion Editor of the  Cosmopolitan Magazine, UK.


Sairey Stemp on a balcony wearing sunglasses, leopard print sweater and jeans


Road to Fashion



Sairey is an English Language and Literature graduate of the University of Hull by education, but since 2006 she has successfully been Senior Fashion Editor of the British Cosmo. What does she do in the Cosmopolitan? She styles main fashion stories, celebrity covers, shoots and compiles the monthly Hit Listshopping section for the magazine.


If you have ever read her editorials in Cosmo, you could not have missed her professionalism, thorough knowledge of the fashion world and trends, meticulous selection of brands and collections and a light style of writing. Readers love her articles and take her opinion on fashion into account very conscientiously.

She has become even more inspirational for the public in the UK for her uncompromising response to an e-mail she had received from a company promoting the use of real fur in fashion. Her swift and decisive reply divided a broad spectrum of readers, some praised it, while others criticized it, but it did not leave the issue of the use of fur in fashion unnoticed.



boat on a lawn and model wearing off-white dress



And what does Sairey Stemp say of herself:


“I am an extremely hard-working, positive and proactive person who loves working as part of a team but also is very self-motivated and dedicated. I will always do my utmost to please and fulfill whatever brief I’m working on. I love to be creative, but also love order and organisation.”



This is the perfect description of a person who has been running the fashion part of the Cosmo, UK, for so many years. Interested in getting to know Sairey Stemp better?


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ShopTrotter Q+A


My favorite city to shop in is

Paris, the home of fashion


What is your favorite district in that city?


I love the Marais, St Germain and also just walking up and down Rue Saint Honoré


What are your five must-hit stores in that city?


Colette! Before it closes. For the superb merchandising, scented candles and super book selection. Isabel Marant – for Isabel Marant Etoile jeans & t’s , I love them. A.P.C. – for winter boots and their leather Mary Jane shoes. Saint Laurent – for statement bags.  I got a studded chain strap YSL bag a couple of years ago which I treasure. Gucci – for window shopping!


My favorite wardrobe item to shop for is:


Shoes. I love shoes. More than bags, shoes are my best friend.


Do you shop alone or with someone?


If I shop I’m usually on my own.


Who are your favourite designers?


I love Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Preen, Chloe and Paul and Joe.


What do you read for style inspiration: magazines or blogs?


I’m definitely a magazine girl but I do like certain blogs, Adenorah – Anne–Laure Mais has great Parisian style.


How do you fuel a day-long shopping spree (i.e. iced coffee, caffeinated jelly beans)?


If I can find it I love macha. There is a great café on Rue Jean Jacques, by Christian Louboutin, that sells macha lattes and healthy granola bars. Yumm!


What was your best fashion purchase EVER?


I have 3:
My studded YSL chain strap bag
My pink Gucci loafers
My pink/rainbow stripe slingback Christian Louboutin sandals


Do you have any of your own shopping tips to share?


Don’t impulse shop.  Think about a special purchase. How you’d wear it, when you’d wear it and how often you’d wear it.  If you think you can get a lot of cost per wear then go for it.
Sometimes it’s special to really wait and save up for something, then you really appreciate and treasure it.



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