5 Boutiques in Paris for an Instant French Chic

Posted: 08/10/2016 by Bo

Paris + Fashion = Paris Shopping

But… the city is so huge you don’t even know where to start. Want to avoid high street and instead go for something unique and strictly Parisian?

This way, please!



I have spent few days in Paris last week and couldn’t resist from visiting my favourite spots and searching for new, exciting places. And because I love the laid-back chic and French coolness I was looking for eponymous Parisian fashion from the brands that are not (or hardly) available beyond France.


5 Best Boutiques for Paris shopping (for me at least)


Because it was still Summer sales season, I started from Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche – madly stylish department store on Left Bank of the River Seine.  It would be worth visiting only for the architecture! But after entering in – it shows elegantly displayed collections of French and international designers, enormous selection of perfumes and cosmetics and a full range of wonderful accessories. (Of course, my favourite level is the one with shoes…).



There are a couple of French brands I love and always go for when travelling to the City of Lights. I admire the style, the quality and the fact that they are affordable (comparing to the products of the big fashion houses as Chanel or Louis Vuitton).




One of them is Berenice: I was enchanted by the cute wings embellishments on the back of their sweaters at first. Then I’ve noticed how soft are the jerseys, cool – the cuts and versatile colours.  Since then I never miss the occasion to visit one of the Berenice boutiques and grab some casual basics.



Des Petits Hauts

This time my new discovery is Des Petits Hauts, the brand that I appreciate for soft colours and very simple designs, plus funny accessories. Everything as effortless as any Parisian girl look.



L’Art du Basic


Walking in Saint-Germain area I found also the boutique offering more sharp designs, great for garconne or rock girl.


L’Art du Basic sells all the clothing in bland and white and it’s really a paradise for monochrome outfit’s fans. T-shirts are relaxed, drop-waist dresses cute, but suits sharp and well-crafted.



Tanya Heath Paris


The boutique that I know already for some time and visit every time in Paris is Tanya Heath Paris. This Canada-born designer is truly a woman of invention! She created the concept of shoes with detachable heels in order to be able to exchange their hight! Of course – it’s great to carry only a pair of extra heels instead of extra shoes in your purse, but even more important is the fact, that changing the heels gives you actually the new shoes!



The Paris Shopping Route


If you’d like to follow my footsteps here’s the map. Soon I’ll be able to show you my shopping route in new ShopTrotter app – a guiding tool for travelling fashion lovers. If you want to test it first – please sign up for the updates and tips how to successfully shop abroad!



Le Bon Marché   24 Rue de Sèvres

Art du Basic   19 rue Dragon

Tanya Heath   22 Rue du Dragon

Des Petits Hauts   70 Rue Bonaparte

Bérénice   68 rue Bonaparte