Mini Me – Matching Mother’s and Daughter’s Style

Posted: 07/27/2017 by Bo

Mom – Style Icon


Who of us, being a daughter, has not at least once mimicked our mothers‘ style? Remember the days when we were little girls standing in front of the mirror in mom’s high heels, in her Royal Ascot-like hat, her scarf around our necks, too big a dress and her most precious knee-length necklace. We looked gorgeous, didn’t we? Just like our moms.



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It is a typical step in girls‘ development, psychologists say. Daughters at some stage want to look like their mothers – the prettiest women in their little world. They emulate moms‘ style and how they wear clothes in order to develop their feminine selves and their fashion identity. Sometimes our mothers‘ style stays with us for life, sometimes we rebel against this style in our puberty, but it goes without saying that moms are our first fashion icons and that we, as daughters, take after them.



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Looking down


Nowadays, this concept goes even further – mothers and daughters want to wear similar or even exactly the same clothes to look alike on a daily basis. It emphasises their bonding, their matching personalities. They want to look like best friends forever and it sells really well as current fashion designers see a niche in this trend.



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Who’s the copy?


Being moms ourselves haven’t we ever exercised this trend with our daughters? Of course, we have. But look at the celebrities‘ world – Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, or even Duchess of Cambridge.

Red carpets love seeing famous mothers and their little copies. And clothing brands have learned how to reply to this very quickly.



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London addresses


If you want to follow this trend as well, go to London. For a start you I can try out a London based online shop When in London and looking for luxurious sets, find your way to shops like Petit Bateau for some French street trends, or Harrods for anything and any brand you like. But if you look for high street style at reasonable prices, choose shops like Penneys, Peacocks, or Ilunaa in Oxford Street or find your favourite Monsoon address for shopping with your daughters.



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My favourite one is in Covent Garden. So if you plan to shop and eat out or listen to the string quartet live, go there and you will have a wonderful day out together.

The fashion world is now wide open for mothers and daughters alike and London is definitely a prime destination for a weekend shopping spree with your best friend forever.