No More Shopping

Posted: 09/21/2020 by Bo

brunette woman in golden top and silk pants standing by a shelves with shoes

Idea stojąca za zamkniętym obiegiem mody czyli przekazywaniu nienoszonych rzeczy kolejnym osobom jest jasna i zrozumiałam. Można ją stosować poprzez swapy (wymiana ubrań), komisy, platformy aukcyjne lub aplikacje do odsprzedaży. Zupełna rezygnacja z zakupów byłaby chyba jednak niemożliwa dla większości osób wrażliwych estetycznie. A tam gdzie jest potrzeba tam pojawiają się nowe koncepty.

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Cool French Girl’s Shopping in Paris

Posted: 02/22/2020 by Bo

Czas zaktualizować moją listę najbardziej charakterystycznych dla paryskiego stylu butików w stolicy Francji.⁠

Chociaż nadal uwielbiam te opisane w poście sprzed ponad trzech lat, to rynek cały czas się zmienia i powstają nowe miejsca, na które warto zwrócić uwagę. Zaczynam dziś od jednego z moich najświeższych odkryć – L’Appartement Sezane.

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Christmas Gifts – Tips for Shoppers in London

Posted: 12/11/2017 by Monika

young woman in holiday sweater laying under the christmas tree with presents around

It is still a forthinght away, but the time is really flying and you may end up a few days before Christmas empty-handed, with no gifts for your family and friends. Are you already waking up in the middle of the night thinking – what to buy and where? Why not plan a Christmas shopping spree in London then? The UK capital city has been ranked as top Christmas shopping destination in the world, so do not hesitate!

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Shopping for French Style In London

Posted: 11/27/2017 by Monika

black and white picture of a model wearing short trapeze dress in black

The French style is something we all want to follow, at least from time to time. It is associated with the best kind of taste and true effortlessness. The French street style at its best is a mixture of chic well-known high-end brands skillfully combined with not less chic but less-known and still very classy designs. With our ShopTrotter selection of French boutiques in London, you will easily find top brands and boutiques which offer exactly this combination: famous catwalk designers and less known but talented French clothes-artists. Ready to jump on the French fashion bus with us?

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Outlet Shopping Is Not What You Expect

Posted: 11/06/2017 by Monika

shoppers carrying bags stroll through shopping village

Are you sometimes tempted to shop in a designer outlet to get the best bargain ever? We tend to think that by shopping there we hunt not only for a bargain, because regular prices in outlets are often discounted, but that the price for our coveted designer item will be even lower becuase they sell stuff from previous seasons. If you have ever thought like that, we can tell you it is not quite right. Today, we will take you round the best known London outlets but most importantly – we will debunk the myth about their splendour and will show you how they really work. Ready to learn the truth?

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Autumn Outfits Hunt in London

Posted: 10/02/2017 by Monika

red outfirs fro fashion week runways

Do we know what to wear now? Having fresh in mind all the colourful suggestions for Spring 2018, do we remember what the current trends are? If not, today, we are going to recapitulate what we know on Autumn 2017 trends and then take you through London’s boutiques to show you where to shop for the most fashionable items this season.

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Design+Fashion+Independence. Shoreditch Shopping

Posted: 09/11/2017 by Bo

If you need a pause from typical fashion boutique shopping and you are in London between 16-24 September (preety soon!) and at the same time you appreciate designer clothes, outstanding objects and creative ideas, we have a suggestion for you. Shoreditch Design Festival held in London/Shoreditch from 16 till 24 September is a must-see for all independent shoppers.

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New Exciting Fashion Brand in London!

Posted: 09/08/2017 by Bo

Kate Moss

Reserved is definitely known to Polish shoppers, or those who shop in Berlin or Prague, as the brand is already present on those markets too. From this Wednesday (6 September to be precise) it opened its UK doors for the first time, so now Londoners and foreign shoppers alike have a chance to meet the Polish leading brand ‚in person‘ on one of London’s top high streets. It was definitely a big day for the brand which is turning a new page in their history.

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