Autumn Outfits Hunt in London

Posted: 10/02/2017 by Monika

red outfirs fro fashion week runways

Where to Get Real Trends


Ok, so the London Fashion Week has finished, leaving us in a fashion void waiting franatically for Spring and Summer 2018, but we are still in the Autumn 2017. Do we know what autumn outfits to wear now? Having fresh in mind all the colourful suggestions for Spring 2018, do we remember what the current trends are? If not, today, we are going to recapitulate what we know on Autumn 2017 trends and then take you through London’s boutiques to show you where to shop for the most fashionable items this season.

To look trendy you do not necessarily need to follow everything that has been dictatetd by fashion designers. You do not even need to know what’s on this season. It is enough when you shop and wear what you like. But for a real fashionista, it is important to know the essence of top trends.



What to wear – Autumn Outfits – 2017 Top Trends


As we wrote in our blog post on Autumn Trends 2017, red is the ruling colour of the season. You can wear red high-heels, or red western style leather boots or a red leather overcoat. Literally anything in red will make you look just trendy this Autumn.



Red is Good


red outfits on models


If in London, go to Topshop for their red shearling jacket in the eye-catching hue. It will transform every outfit into a real trendy thing.




You can match it with one of Hale Bob ethnic patterned dresses, which we simply love. You can buy one in Sub Couture boutique in 204 Kensington Park Road (BTW, ShopTrotter app users can shop there with 10% InsiderDiscount!). They are that kind of dresses you can wear for many occassions, and style them in many ways. With shearling jackets or long red coats, they will make your look bohemian. You can even go one level up and match them with a checkered coat (they have got a lovely one in Topshop as well, by the way) which is a must-have this season. The checkered overcoats, on the other hand, go brilliantly well with every denim item you like to wear. Try it with a denim shirt and a pair of matching jeans. Such a combination strikes the right balance between the classic and contemporary look.


Those of us who love a bit of extravagance should opt for a vinyl or nylon trench, another must-have this Autumn. You can buy one in shops like Boudi Fashion in 18 South Molton Street (another boutique or Topshop, Oasis or River Island. If you prefer to match the vinyl/nylon look with some vintage quality, pop into Retro Woman in 20 Pembridge Road. They will find a vinyl trench for you at a reasonable price and you can be sure no one will be wearing a similar one.



Boutique Boudi Fashion window display



Fur, fur, fur


models on runway wearing fur coats in green and orange



And when it gets really cold, you have to be prepared. A vintage-inspired fur coat is a must-have this season, so do not miss it out. They sell well with bedazzled brooches and colourful embellishments. These will make your vintage-inspired fur coat look modern and contemporary. Again, you can go for a coat bought in shops like Topshop or River Island or Tonic Clothing in 309 Fulham Road (15% off for ShopTrotter app users!), but be sure you will get a gourgeous one in the Retro Woman boutique again. Their excellent service will not let you out without a bargain purchase. They can even find you a matching brooch and a Dior or Prada handbag, so include the unique boutique on your shopping map while in London.



inside shop racks with hanging fur coats



Retro and fur hats are another emblem of this autumn’s trend. Wear them with suede overcoats or checkered jackets and coats, with mid-leangth skirts and emroidered ankle-length boots to get the ultimate Autumn 2017 look.




More on Autumn Colours


three models on runway wearing green fur coats



Unorthodox colour combinations are this Autumn’s new signifier. You can now mix trendy oxred with forest green, chestnut and cobalt blue, or add a bit of purple to it. Daring? This is what this Autumn’s trends are all about as far as colours go, so do not be colour-shy this season. Go wild! For those who do not like experiments, we’ve got good news – chocolate brown is back again. So if you still have brown overcoats or skirts or dresses in your wardrobe, wear it proudly now. They will give you the coveted fashionable retro look.




Model wearing classick skirtsuit embroidered with colorful pattern



When it comes to patterns, Russian folklore styling is in vogue. Screaming red, a bit of green, and flowery, gold and opulent.


Plaid and check are also among the most common styles of outerwear London designers have showed for Autumn. Be it for women and men alike. It looks really classic and elegant so if you take your male half to London with you, do not forget shops like Adam of London in 11 Portobello Green Arcade or if you have more time and want something really unique visit Stowers London in 13 Savile Row. It is an absolutely bespoke tailor shop where men get the best fashion service ever.



two manequins in window display wearing checkered jackets






Forget about classic straight sleeves this season. They are puffed, tiered, bell-like, ended with fur-wide cuffs. They are everything but sleek sleeves you can easily hide under jackets.

And deconstructed classics is a must-have as well. Gorgeous geometrical shapes of dresses, skirts, tops and jackets. Nothing is straight and obvious. Topsy-turvy classics are the norm this season. So again, get your imagination rolling!


cream coloured rollneck seater with fur details on sleeves



And whenever you wear a trench, an overcoat, a fur coat or a jacket, add a waist-cinching belt to it. It is an easy addition but refines your outfit. It is a simple and straightforward tip from designers this Autumn. You can visit Miu Miu or Isabel Marant shops for these runway items, but you can easily find their cheaper counterparts in Topshop, River Island, Dorothy Perkins or Oasis.



models on runway wearing fur hats and colorful furs with waist belts





leg in shiny red bootie on medium heel



Embellished suede ankle boots by Isabel Marant is a must-have. They are simply adorable. For those of us who love to look posh, go for Gucci leather shoes with flowery embroidery. Calvin Klein red Cowboy boots will look gorgeous with a mid-length floral skirt – another must-have of the season. They will go well with a pair of Calvin Klein jeans or any denim outfit. If we opt out for a cheaper option, we can easily go to Boudi Fashion or Topshop for a pair of red western boots.



Chanel bi-colour riding boots



If in London, go to Retro Woman for gliteratti shoes – another must-have this Autumn if you like to shine. Shops like Retro Woman will have a lot to offer for sure from the past, from the 80s to be precise, as the trend comes and goes every now and then.

And if you want to look trendy and classy, try out satin sock boots. They are available in different colours and look really good. You can wear them with mini leather embroidered skirt or denim trousers, or a mid-length dress. They are a finishing touch if you want to stand out of the crowd this season.



Go ShopTrotting


Equipped with the guide book on current trends, available now on your mobile phones, thanks to our ShopTrootter app for iPhone or Android device, we are sure you will not miss a single autumn outfits item while in London. Remember to look for our ShopTrotter sign at some of the shops and you will not only get your coveted dress or shoes but also a discount.