8 Simple Rules to Score on Sales

Posted: 07/08/2016 by Bo

The world of shopping is crazy…
Let’s take advantage of it!

We are quite used to the fact that Summer sales start every year actually even before Summer gets in full swing. That feels good. We can stock up on the current styles for half price and enjoy them for another two – or more – months.

But on the other hand Summer sales are sooo overwhelming! Picure those endless aisles stuffed with colorful goods, ready to be bought…

Which boutique has the best offer? Is there anything we need to know in order to get not only what we want but really NEED? How to prepare for succesfull sales shopping?

I’ve gathered a couple of useful tips that have led me through many seasons of bargain hunting before. They are practical and simple to follow. Watch my video and enjoy!


8 rules of sales shopping picture mila sobiczewska of shoptrotter