10 Apps to Explore London Well

Posted: 09/04/2017 by Bo

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Handy Apps to Explore London


Visiting London can be easy. You just book a ticket, land, and start the journey. It could be tough, though. The city is huge, locals don’t understand your English, and you end up feeling lost. If you’re ambitious and have PLANS, better equipe your mobile device in couple of useful mobile apps to explore London. They’ll be your handy helpers and lead you through the labyrinth of offers, places and manners. Some of the apps to explore London we mention are obvious, some are more specialised.

Those of you who have never been to London might think it a brilliant idea. London is a vibrant, vivid and exciting place to visit. Museums, architecture, fashion boutiques, double-deckers, and the River Thames are a few of the most popular tourist destinations. And autumn when London parks are at full end-of-summer swing, with crispy mornings, but warm days is an ideal time for sightseeing and shopping.


Those of you who have just returned from their summer holiday in London, might think of going there again in autumn: for more sightseeing, clubbing and shopping.



So why London?


„When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.“


– as Samuel Johnson, the English writer, poet and author of „A Dictionary of the English Language“, said. And he was very right.



You can never get bored with London and Autumn is an excellent time to check it out for yourself.



Where to start and what to look for?


Nowadays, there are many websites we can follow, or applications we can easily download on our mobile phones which will make our travelling easier and lighter. Let’s have a go and check out what they can help us with while planning a trip to London, or while in London:




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Let’s start from the very basic and self-explanatory website and app. TripAdvisor is very useful if you need basic information on London and its attractions. You will find information on the choice of hotels to stay in, on top London’s attractions and restaurants. There are sections for those who prefer walking than going by bus or by tube. You’ll get a guide on shopping destinations – a very basic one, to get a gist of the shopping atmosphere of London. Finally, TripAdvisor is a basic guide on what to see and do in the city in general. Worth checking for a starter.



TripAdvisor website home page -  Apps to Explore London




Apps to explore London – Visit London


Unique hand-picked lists of the best things to do and see in London brought to you by expert team of London and Partners. Visit London app lets you to browse hand-picked lists of the best things to do, and discover them based on where you are and where you’re going. Find hidden gems and explore London areas like a local and keep an access to saved places even offline. You can even build your own personalised maps to make the most of your visit. The app is great and moreover it is completely free with no hidden costs.


Visit London app screens - Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free



Apps to explore London – TimeOut London


For the best and most professional travel advice on what to do in London – by all means follow TimeOut London. You will find there all you need to have a wonderful, entertaining and educating time in the city. Go to their website and you will find out how to spend your time without loosing a penny in the Free Things to Do in London section. You will learn where to go to keep fit on holiday if you are a sporty type. If you have kids and do not know what to do with them in the city – we recommend a perfectly editted part on 101 Things to Do with Kids in London. It shows us how to have fantastic days with our offsprings.

If there are teenagers in your group, browse the Harry Potter Experiences in London part. You can be sure they will have fun too. But to start with go to the Top London Attractions part where you will find all the destinations you simply cannot miss. Read short summaries, advice on how to buy tickets, when to go somewhere and when to avoid some places as they are closed or crowded. And if you are tired of the buzz of London streets, search through the London’s Hidden Green Spaces part. Even if you think you have been to London many times and have known the city well, you will be surprised how many of the parks and hidden green areas you have been unaware of.

If in your group or your family, there are more cultural types, the section on Exhibitions in London is made for them. They will not miss any of the current cultural events. And if you want to go off the track of famous museums and typical attractions, see the part on Secret London.


TimeOut London app screen -  Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free


Apps to explore London – CityMapper


If you want to travel cheap in London, visit the CityMapper. It’s the ultimate transit app, making cities – including London -easier to use. It allows you to check nearby departures in real-time, find the fastest route combining bus, subway, train, ferry, taxi, car share, bike share and walk, and also to follow step by step directions, including the best subway exit to reach the platform. „Citymapper is, quite simply, the best travel app” – as the New York Times claims. The application was  nominated for Best App 2017 by Google Play Awards, and works in so many cities, you should definitely have in your device.


CityMapper app screens -  Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free


Ask a Local: London

Who’s better resource than locals? If you want recommendations the very best musicals, places to stay, attraction and where to eat and shop in London go to Ask a Local app. Their expert blogs and websites provide insight and detail to ensure you  make the most of your visit. Just ask questions and receive answers and advice from Londoners who know pretty much everything about the city they call the greatest on earth!


Ask A Local London app screens -  Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free



Apps to explore London – London Weather

In the city where state of clouds is a matter of great importance, using the right weather app seems crucial. London Weather is run by meteorologists (including Guillaume Séchet, author of several meteorology related books). For Londoners it’s the first local weather forecast reference. The app gives precise forecast and accurate informations on a day-to-day basis so you can be sure when to take that umbrella with you.


London Weather app screens - Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free



Apps to explore London – OpenTable


Now if you need to book a table in one of London’s restaurants, try out one of easily accessibe and downloadable applications like OpenTable. Use it to make sure that you can relax and enjoy your evening without worrying about a place to eat in. Basically, it’s for booking a restaurant table. But you can also use it to read restaurant reviews, manage your reservations and even browse the menues in advance.  It’s easy to use and very helpful when you want to avoid going hungry from one restaurant to another on a Friday or Saturday night.


OpenTable app screens - Apps to Explore London


Available for iOS and Android. Free





Finally, it’s time for shopping. If you have been to London, it is easier, but you still might need some tips where to do the best shopping ever and London is a paradise for shopping funs as we know. If you have never been to London, it is more than certain that you will need us.





ShopTrotter has been created for all those who love shopping, discovering new shopping areas and do not want to waste their time walking around city in search for boutiques they want to come accross. If shopping is to be nice and easy, this is where you need it. Download the app on your mobiles to shop easily and make the most of your money rather than wasting time trying to look for a shop that interests you. It’s hard to find detailed information on shops you would like to visit in guide books (apart from a few obvious and the most popular shopping areas described as just „worth seeing“). ShopTrotter app will take you deeper into the shopping net of London and will let you find your favourite shoes or bags quickly and without fuss. And it pays special attention to unique boutiques. Chain stores are good, but boutiques are great.

ShopTrotter showcases all kinds of brick-and- mortar shops selling clothing, shoes, and accessories. It locates shoppers to show what’s interesting around them, so they won’t miss anything matching their personal style. Users can easily find fashion in designer locations, as well as affordable boutiques and high fashion spots.


Ready for shopping? Download ShopTrotter application on your mobile phones and shop with us!


ShopTrotter app screens - Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free



Apps to explore London – ChicMi


Another very useful app if you are a fashionista wishing to follow alle the events going on in the London fashion world is ChicMi

What is it? ChicMi is a kind of local fashion calendar – and the range of events is really huge! Starting from those that raise the heartbeat the most – sample sales, through the meet-ups, conferences and finally – the inspiring exhibitions. Featured boutiques and designers range from established luxury brands to emerging designers and unique shops.

So if you are a fashion freak wanting to keep up-to-date with the current fashion scene of London, you definitely must follow the website and get their app. You will never miss any important fashion event. The app reminds you of fashion events, bargains, sales and new shops opening in London.



ChicMi app screens - Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free



Apps to explore London – DropIt


A very unique and useful application while shopping is DropIt. It takes care of delivering orders from the physical stores right to the customers’ location. Everyone who loves shopping knows the pain of carrying all those bags from one store to another, and then home. With DropIt, you can leave all purchases in store, in a dedicated bag or kiosk on the street. You’re getting all orders in one delivery. This service is also trackable in the app to know for sure when the shopping bags arrive.

The idea behind Dropit emerged in 2014 when founder Karin Cabili was indulging some retail therapy in New York. She found herself weighed down by bags but was still keen to head straight out after a day of shopping. She frustratingly travelled to her hotel to drop off the bags, when the thought came to her mind. ‘What if I could drop off my bags at the stores where I bought them and have them delivered to my hotel?’ And so Dropit came to be.

So no matter how heavy your shopping bags in London might be, you do not need to worry. With DropIt, you may shop as much as you want and they will deliver your shopping wherever you are.


DropIt app screens - Apps to Explore London

Available for iOS and Android. Free



Autumn is a sales time in London, as in many other capital cities. If you hunt for bargains in boutiques from all over the world, choose London. As a bonus you will get a nice and mild weather which is ideal for sightseeing and shopping. There are fewer tourists than in the summer time so queues are shorter. You will spend less time waiting for your turn in the fitting room.


Have a nice trip!